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We help our young clients navigate through different life challenges.
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What Is Coaching?
Coaching emphasizes autonomy, voice, and choice. With coaching, clients find insight and direction to identify practical means to reach their goals. The coach guides and supports the client’s planned, intentional, and purposeful action toward achievement from a place of openness, acceptance, and non-judgment Coaching clients are ready and willing to do the work inherent in the coaching process They are committed to maximizing their internal and external resources to achieve the outcomes they seek.

How I Coach
The Teen Coaching Process

First, we start with their main goal, once we have identified their main goal we set small self-directed goals which creates a step-by-step process to reach their main goal! These first steps give our teens a snapshot of what their ideal future could look like and build hope.

Next, we explore what their strengths and values are along with their personality type. We also look at what their struggles or weaknesses are along with the different elements of life that could potentially block them from reaching their self-directed goals.

The next step is to talk about how we can turn their identified struggle areas into tools that can be combined with their strengths to help build steps toward Greatness!

Find Your Greatness
Greatness Within Me Coaching, Inc. offers a wide range of coaching services that encompass every aspect of a young adult’s life. Learn more about these services down below.

Stress Management
Stress is not exclusive to adulthood. Adolescents also experience stress every day and can greatly benefit from stress management coaching. With our hands-on coaching, we will help them cope with stressful situations through healthy coping mechanisms.
A lot of teens struggle with motivation. With so many changes going on in their lives, from their bodies to societal expectations, they may find it hard to identify their priorities and work on their goals. Alicia will help our young clients find the push they need to reach these goals.
Many factors can contribute to a teenager’s low self-esteem. From lack of parental support to trauma and abuse, a negative self-image can have long-lasting effects if not addressed properly. Through coaching, we will help our young clients realize and focus on their positive traits.
Through our academic coaching, we provide our young clients with one-on-one, hands-on guidance on their academic goals and concerns. Our coach will help them identify their competencies, reinforce their strengths, and improve their weaknesses.
As most teenagers are still working to have a firm sense of identity, they may find it challenging to navigate through their relationships. With our coaching services, we will help them overcome various challenges in building strong relationships with the people around them.
Being Social
Most adolescents fixate on the need to fit in. While there is nothing inherently wrong with it, this can create unrealistic expectations in them if they are not guided properly. Our coach will help our teenage clients navigate through peer pressure and social norms healthily.
With so many options and career paths ahead of them, young adults may find themselves at a crossroads. With our coaching services, we will help them identify their aspirations and goals in life and direct them to the path they are most likely to be happy and successful.
Family Issues
The home is where teenagers feel the safest. When this sense of security is compromised due to family problems, it can negatively affect them. Our coach will help troubled teenagers in coping with these issues through healthy and productive approaches.

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